Another superquick done atari st tune for an intro.
50khz, no SID, no DIGI and no time…

Made for the intro: Atari Through the Generations by Effect

Did it under my really not obvious pseudonym: xrwwr

Anekdote about this really mediocre tune:
Got busy around 1 pm but while I was busy saving around 2:30 pm, the powercable to my ultrasatan was disconnected.
The atari wouldn’t recognize the ultrasatan after the power was back on so I had to restart but I was tracking on the STe that does not have a floppy drive so I lost it all and had to start again.
Finished the damn song around 4:30 pm….

Tracked with musicmon 2.5E & recorded on a Atari STe (ym only and no pcm)

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