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cerror – rainbow parade (album 2009)

Totally forgot to post my album here on the site. Totally r-worded.Rainbow parade was just a bunch of (what I thought were) good tunes I made in 2008/2009. My typical style, what I still make with xyce , and really…

Fixed the modules pack + new xm

Yeah, sorry. Fixed it now and added the xm file of my newest tune at soundcloud.Listen to it here, or download the pack and open xm/sarge.xm!

xyce – classeur (album 2021)

Classeur is a collection of tracks that were released on the web in some way but aren’t part of any of our official albums or EPs. We’re are moving our backlog of released tracks to Bandcamp instead of them roaming…

xyce – vue (album 2020)

Here it is! A new album Tom and I made under the artistname “xyce”! Vue contains 14 tracks, a lot of them are typically our style, and there is some variation of sorts.I’m really proud with what we’ve made and…

short st stab

Here’s some “new” music, an atari st tune!

eindbaas corona livestream!

*update* here is the youtube link to the xyce livestream: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p6eAwuEMkFM saturday may 9th 7.00 pm UTC21.00 CEST (nl) www.twitch.tv/eindbaas_org Tom & me (as xyce) and a bunch of friends gonna have a livestream on twitch saturday the 9th of…


New tune! Kinda…. Made it a year ago, and posted it on soundcloud but I havent posted the xm file.Well here it is! Go to the music section, then the xm category and download it!

xyce in london!

8th of december 2018 @ The Beehive in London Last weekend Tom and I did a gig in London! It was at the “Until it bleeps II” party in the beehive pub/bar near Canary Warf. Apart from us there were…

xyce – pop

ZOMG NEW ALBUM? NEW ALBUM! A brand new xyce album with 15 tracks using many platforms as: pop by xyce guerre  – xm (4 tracks weirdly enough) yogourt – xm dix  – xm drone64  – c64 6 channels demise –…