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xyce in london!

8th of december 2018 @ The Beehive in London

us two doing ola “live”

Last weekend Tom and I did a gig in London! It was at the “Until it bleeps II” party in the beehive pub/bar near Canary Warf.

Apart from us there were gigs from our friends:

We were drunk and it was fun as fuck

It was fantastic and if there is going to be a next installment of until it bleeps, come! It is really awesome.  You won’t be disappointed.

The VJ INFU and one of our besties: Bart from Men of Mega

For us: there are more gigs coming up, so keep an eye on the bloggo.
Or even better: xyce’s twitter account! 

Harley from Harleylikesmusic seeing us clanging beers over a laptop…. :X