part of xyce

Year: 2015

I’m an addict (e.q. “look what I have – post”)

I collect old computerstuff. A lot of stuff. It’s not rainman quantities of stuff, but still a shitload. Why? I haven’t got a clue. Well, mainly¬†because I make music on most of them but I think mostly because they’re pretty….

xyce vs the backstreet boys

xyce vs. backstreet boys by xyce Tom and I made this little EP where we cover the backstreet boys! For the Chipfest Halloween edition in Liverpool we were asked to do a chiptune cover set. Because our style of chiptune…

xyce – mykonos | amiga 500

It’s a cover of Fleet Foxes’ mykonos wich we like. And we though it would make a good amiga doskpop song! Protracker 1.3b, amiga 500 (stock) is fine playing this one.

505 & xyce – spacedisko | atari st

Tom, 505 and I made a tune for the outline 2015 demoparty’s oldskool competition and won! Awesome to work with the legendary 505 on the atari. Made with musicmon 2.5e on a falcon & ste but only uses the 3…

cerror – dentro 1&2 | atari st

These two were to go in a dentro (d’uh) and had to be 50hz, no sid, no digi etc. so as basic as can be. Didn’t have much time (3/4 hours total) and made these two. Not to bad but…

cerror – thimble | openmpt+vst

Not that new, but I like this one and it’s a solo release. Ambient, melodious tune with some dark undertones. I kinda like it. Made with openMPT & VST