Last year we did the Backstreet Boys for Chipfest in Liverpool, this year it’s time for Genesis! On the actual Sega Genesis ( or Mega Drive, but genesis on genesis sounds cooler).
Five tracks made for the Chipfest 15 Halloween edition (October 28th 2016), all recorded on a Sega Megadrive v1.
Also: Our first Sega stuff ever. So be kind.

Bonus stuff:
Also with the download: VGMs of all the songs and a BIN file you can put on your Everdrive to play all the tunes!

Just change the extension from .sav to .rar (because Bandcamp doesn’t allow rar files).


released October 28, 2016

Tom Offringa
Roel Heerspink
Phil Collins & Philip Bailey
Special thanks to James Smith for having us and letting us play our crap!

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