So, you want to play your goattracker stereo songs on a commodore 64 / 128 with a sid2sid board?
I just figured out (fucking finally) how to get goattracker stereo sids playing in sidplay64 on a real c64. After literally hours of googl’in

    1. Get a c64 and an extra sid chip (same as the one in the c64)
    2. Get a sid2sid board via
    3. Get the parts that go with it.
    4. RTFM and solder that bitch
    5. In goattracker folder, open gt2stereo.cfg in a text editor
    6. Change ;SID baseaddresses from “$d500d400” to “$de00d400”
    7. Make song, export to sid
    8. Play on c64 with sidplay64 (with 2nd sid at $DE00)
    9. ???
    10. Profit!

The magic trick is mostly the changing of the SID baseadresses.
By changing that, it will leave it in the header. If you do not, it will try to address the $D500 address.

I could not for the life of me find an answer on google, which I do like 99% of the time like all people. Hoping someone else has the answer. Not this time, nooooo sir. 3 hours of searching only got me a clou: that I could find some answer within the music software itself.

I will most likely not use the “stereo” part of it, so no left and right channel.
Can be awesome ofcourse but I want to use 6 channels for chords, lead echo’s and more cool drums.
Not sure if you can use 2 filters at once as well, since you have 2 sids so also 2 filters. And it will probably be 1 in channel 1-3 and 1 in channel 4-6.

As soon as I have an example, i’ll update this post and add an audio sample!

EDIT : Here’s the example!

Goattracker stereo –
Sidplay64 –
Sid2sid board –

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