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Still active!

Well, it’s really quiet… I know… It’s just work, private life and a whole bunch of other stuff but I’m still active! We (xyce) are going to play at Bitgrid V in Antwerp, Belgium on April 21st 2018! And there’s…

Play your goattracker stereo songs on a commodore 64 / 128 with a sid2sid board

If you want to play goattracker stereo songs on your commodore 64 or 128 with a sid2sid board, you could have a hard time. Here’s how I fixed that.

xyce vs genesis on the genesis (sega mega drive)

xyce vs. genesis by xyce Last year we did the Backstreet Boys for Chipfest in Liverpool, this year it’s time for Genesis! On the actual Sega Genesis ( or Mega Drive, but genesis on genesis sounds cooler). Five tracks made…

xyce – autre is here!

autre by xyce New album is out! We’ve completed another album. This album is titled autre (which translates to “other”) because we feel that this album is a bit more diverse than the previous ones. Our main goal was to…

New xyce album is coming!

https://soundcloud.com/cheapbeatsmusic/xyce-autre-teaser-cb058 xyce – autre is coming! 14 tracks made on amiga 500/1200, atari st , gameboy & commodore 64. June 4th we will have a listeningparty and you can hear whats what! Info: https://www.facebook.com/events/1744167265867686/

Outline 96k intro

Another superquick done atari st tune for an intro. 50khz, no SID, no DIGI and no time… Made for the intro: Atari Through the Generations by Effect Link: http://demozoo.org/productions/156940/ Did it under my really not obvious pseudonym: xrwwr Anekdote about…

STNICC 2015 | atari ST

Superquickly made (2 hours max) 50hz SID musicmon tune for coolism by effect on the atari st. Released at STNICC 2015 demoparty. Replay on JAM is absolute shit thanks to my shitty use of buzz (again, quickly made and I…

I’m an addict (e.q. “look what I have – post”)

I collect old computerstuff. A lot of stuff. It’s not rainman quantities of stuff, but still a shitload. Why? I haven’t got a clue. Well, mainly because I make music on most of them but I think mostly because they’re pretty….

xyce vs the backstreet boys

xyce vs. backstreet boys by xyce Tom and I made this little EP where we cover the backstreet boys! For the Chipfest Halloween edition in Liverpool we were asked to do a chiptune cover set. Because our style of chiptune…