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xyce – autre is here!

autre by xyce New album is out! We’ve completed another album. This album is titled autre (which translates to “other”) because we feel that this album is a bit more diverse than the previous ones. Our main goal was to…

Outline 96k intro

Another superquick done atari st tune for an intro. 50khz, no SID, no DIGI and no time… Made for the intro: Atari Through the Generations by Effect Link: http://demozoo.org/productions/156940/ Did it under my really not obvious pseudonym: xrwwr Anekdote about…

STNICC 2015 | atari ST

Superquickly made (2 hours max) 50hz SID musicmon tune for coolism by effect on the atari st. Released at STNICC 2015 demoparty. Replay on JAM is absolute shit thanks to my shitty use of buzz (again, quickly made and I…

xyce – mykonos | amiga 500

It’s a cover of Fleet Foxes’ mykonos wich we like. And we though it would make a good amiga doskpop song! Protracker 1.3b, amiga 500 (stock) is fine playing this one.

505 & xyce – spacedisko | atari st

Tom, 505 and I made a tune for the outline 2015 demoparty’s oldskool competition and won! Awesome to work with the legendary 505 on the atari. Made with musicmon 2.5e on a falcon & ste but only uses the 3…

cerror – dentro 1&2 | atari st

These two were to go in a dentro (d’uh) and had to be 50hz, no sid, no digi etc. so as basic as can be. Didn’t have much time (3/4 hours total) and made these two. Not to bad but…

cerror – thimble | openmpt+vst

Not that new, but I like this one and it’s a solo release. Ambient, melodious tune with some dark undertones. I kinda like it. Made with openMPT & VST